Saturday 17 September 2011

An excellent day

We spent today in Green Door studio. We recorded four tunes - Prediliction For The Blues, Don't Be Afraid To Cry, High Risk Times and The Lure of Desire. We have rocking takes of each, which we could go with quite happily. We will spend maybe a couple of hours tomorrow doing some additional guitar bits - some fuzz-wah, a couple of touches of feedback and a wee double of a part on acoustic. Then we'll do vocals, and see if we need any keyboards or percussion. 

It's a good room, and we had a really positive day : 16 tracks is enough, really, for a 5 man rock & roll band, isn't it ? 

Photo of Michael Rooney - it's his fault I'm still doing this. We've been friends since 1982 - we first met through his record stall. Primitive Records. I ended up working there. 

I've practised my overdubs for tomorrow - now it's time for some red wine and some lovely home-made lasagne, then I'll finish off some Dolcelatte that is rebelling against pretty much everything. If I don't eat it tonight it will end up in the bin very soon. 

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