Thursday 4 October 2012

Nearly There!

Good rehearsal - as usual. This time we set up the room like it was a stage, so we couldn't hear each other so well and had less space. Sounds daft, but it means we will have less of a shock when we do this For Real, in front of Real People in 10 days time. 25 tunes tonight - pretty good.

Delighted to get the vinyl in from Beast Records - if my ears weren't singing a little from standing in front of the drums, I'd be trying it out just now. And we've got t-shirts too. Front Print only. 

If you are in Glasgow, then you can get the vinyl from Monorail or LoveMusic. We should have CDs next week. 

Can't wait to get on the train to get on the road.

Possible London dates being discussed, a Glasgow one,  and then something another weekend if we can make it happen in either Manchester or Liverpool

Now - a cold can of Stella, and some spacy electronica from Warp. Yeah, just cos I wear a leather jacket .... 

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