Monday 11 May 2020

New Primevals release - and Quarantunes Volume 4

The Primevals new CD is available now on Bandcamp : Primevals on Bandcamp

We had expected to be gigging a lot just now to launch it, but goodness knows when that will be possible. I'm delighted with it - we've featured a number of these songs in the set already, and it was a joy to work through the creative and collaborative process with the guys. We put a lot of rehearsal time in to shape the songs, made suggestions to the band for possible changes - "could you play it more like ..... ", or "that bit that sounded like a mistake - that was really good", and had several good days working with Sandy Jones at FML in Wishaw to record and mix it. 

I have also been keeping myself entertained with Quarantunes - Volume 4 is now available, pay what you like on Bandcamp : Quarantunes on Bandcamp  

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