Monday 7 February 2011


A solid rehearsal, not quite as much zip as some earlier ones. Balanced against that - we are now paying more attention to the details & nuances, and we are also not settling for just getting to the end without bumping into each other. We tried a few adjustments, checked the pace of several songs - I am guilty of romping off like a startled horse if I'm starting a song by battering out the guitar riff on my own - so while it was an enjoyable evening with valuable results, the level of progress is less steep than earlier ones.

We have organised the set for London (as a first pass) and played these songs tonight -

American Road Trip
St Jack
Pauper's Grave
Stream Of Life
Someone To Love
I Don't Feel Free
Bones Are Buried
DT Blues
See That Skin
Venus Discovered
Primeval Call
Eternal Hotfire
Prairie Chain

Ho Chi Minh City
One Sweet Drink
Elixir Of Life
I Happen To Love You

20 - not bad at all, and there are another 10 at least that we can get up to speed very quickly.

Some to & fro on the detail of the French gigs, availability of backline, van requirements, accomodation, etc - but the feeling is very much "que sera, sera". Things will change, things will turn upside down - but we'll do some gigs, and we'll live a little.

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