Friday 4 February 2011

Rehearsal update

Another good rehearsal earlier this week - we now need to pick through the tunes and organise the heirarchy, work out which songs are the core of the set and which will be used sparingly, as required.
London gig confirmed at the Water Rats, Grays Inn Rd on Sat April 9 - sounds like it might be a late one - don't know what that means for attendance.

We rolled in a few brand new ones as well as going over songs we had worked on previously.

Brand New
Long Screaming Slide
Wild Chemical Rush
I Gotta Do Things My Way (Tim Rose song)

Previously on Soap...
Ho Chi Minh City
One Sweet Drink
Have Some Fun
Pauper's Grave
Early Grave
I Happen To Love You
Elixir Of Life
Prairie Chain
Primeval Call

Tons of songs, I think that's 34 now.

New fuzzbox sounded good, all went well.

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