Sunday 30 January 2011

More gear?

On Friday I bought another leather jacket and another fuzzbox. Mid-life crisis ahoy! Well, I needed a lightweight leather jacket - mine are all proper winter-wear, and from experience of gigging in them, they are not very suitable for stage wear, except for 10 minute sets. The Primevals set looks like being over an hour, which is a bit of a stretch. My treasured Ibanez Tube Screamer needs a little TLC : I hope it is that my earlier solder fix for the battery connector needs repair as opposed to something else. But I saw an AXL TOD-9 overdrive, at a really good price, and it's good to have a spare. 

I managed about 6 hours playing over the weekend, which was good. One more tune added to the list (Long Screaming Slide). Ready now for a  few hectic days away working, then rehearsing on Thursday. I'm hoping we'll have confirmed dates soon, both for the tour and for something local.


  1. I'm not at all sure what a 'fuzzbox' is... but you sound pleased , so congratumalations!

  2. Thank you. (Yes, I am pleased) A fuzzbox is a device for changing the sound of a guitar from clean to (for example) the start of Satisfaction