Monday 24 January 2011

New room, no dates fixed yet

We had a good rehearsal tonight, in Lo-Fi. Pretty good room, but a bit too ringy for me.

The French promoter has been in touch, with proposed dates but nothing finalised yet. The London & Brighton dates are also pencilled in. We'll all feel better once they are contracted.

Tonight's tunes -
Eternal Hotfire
Prairie Chain
Fertile Mind
See That Skin
Fire & Clay
Saint Jack
Fluorescent Statues
Venus Discovered
I Don't Feel Free
Wicked Willow Blues
Bones Are Buried
Someone To Love
Stream Of Life
American Road Trip
and the brand new one, from Goffin & King - I Happen To Love You

17 tunes, no major cockups, several where we were fine-tuning arrangements.

Next week (depending on my work location) we will easily cover the remaining 11, and also look at a few that need a bit more arrangement. Wicked Willow Blues, Fluorescent Statues, and Justify are all close but need a little more work on the guitar parts particularly for them to stand out.

Next - some gigs.

I plan to use the Telecaster - it felt and sounded good tonight, but I think for the extra clang and twang I'll need to move up from 9s to 10s. For ease of work, I'll do the same on the Fernandes Strat that will be my other guitar for the tour.

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