Tuesday 25 January 2011

One more cup of coffee

When I got in from rehearsal last night I spent an hour going over what we had done, anlaysing what I had played and what parts need more work. A couple of slide things were good ideas that need better execution - I can fix that. I've simplified a few parts, rhythmically, and changed some others to leave a little more space. Eno's definition of "an arrangement" is "some of the band stop playing" - there is the temptation to keep battering the guitar, partly because it is good fun. Most of the ideas worked- one didn't, so I'll abandon that, and there's another one I will take further by playing even less in the verses of that particular song. The other parts will be improved by regular practice, and I can do that this week.
So we've got 29 songs on the slate - after the next rehearsal I think they will all be giggable. (It's not just me that has a vote, obviously, but we can all hear that there is hard work going on away from the rehearsal room). If we still knew bands who were gigging regularly we'd be asking for a half-hour support slot somewhere before the end of February to see how they really work. We've made some calls.  

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