Saturday 7 January 2012

Crown Hotel, Biggar

We had great fun playing at our friend Iain Shedden's birthday party. A massive gathering of the clans, with all the enrichment that comes from seeing some of your oldest friends.

The Primevals set went down well. Then we took a break, and came back with a few covers - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White, Midnight To Six, The Fire Of Love. 

Next up - Mr Chris Bailey. I have 4 copies of the 1st Saints album. That's 4 more than he does. We played (I'm) Stranded, and then No Time. That would be the A & B side of their debut single. Chris was funny, charming, and fired up for some rock & roll. The birthday boy, Mr Shedden,  took over on drums for Talk To Me Baby, and then Chris was bribed with a Gin & Tonic for G-L-O-R-I-A. Which lasted about ten minutes, with backing vocals from me & our old compadre Seori Burnett (elder brother of Rhod Burnett, Primevals original drummer). I've known Seori since 83 - that's the first time we've gigged together! 

Onstage, Chris referred to us as his compadres - a word which chimed with me, as I use it carefully & selectively. An absolute blast. 

It was exactly the kind of event that re-kindles your belief in humanity.

I'm Stranded - With Chris Bailey

No Time - With Chris Bailey

Gloria - with Chris Bailey, Seori Burnett, Jom Doak & Iain Shedden

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