Wednesday 4 January 2012


A good evening's work, rehearsing for a gig at a friend's birthday party on Saturday.

Primevals set

1 defying science
2 a road trip
3. spiritual
4 blues at my door
5 rightful duty
6 way beyond tore up and clay
8 someone to love 
9 stream of life
10 it dont feel fre
11 elixir
12 hit the peaks
13 primevals call
14 saint jack
15 sister

Covers - 

1 i happen to love you
2 fire of love
3 the letter
4 sometimes good guys don't wear white
5 route 66
6 big boss man
7midnight to six man
8.louie louie
Saints- time
2 stranded
3 erotic neurotic 

That's a year since I rejoined. Jings!I 

I just got some more of the photos from the rehearsal in December - Here's one (above, click for bigger)

and here is a flickr photoset of the first part  - now updated to add the second part 

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