Sunday 19 August 2012

Wishaw - and onwards!

A hot day out in a tent in a fairground, a rocking set, great fun. The band on before us starred MJ, the niece of Jerry Lee Lewis - they rocked and they rolled.

Here's a local newspaper piece about how she ended up in Wishaw

After the Primevals set, MJ came over and with a big smile, she said "Darlin', that was great! " - marvellous! MJ's sister Anniwas smiling and bopping and enjoying the set. She's just been touring with her Mom, supporting Uncle Jerry in some venues. It's the family business! She came over to say Hi too. Lovely people. 

We had a chat afterwards to several old friends - as John noted, Wishaw has always been good to the Primevals. France, too. Wishaw and France. 

New guitars worked well - we did have one slightly unprepared moment mid-set when neither Martyn nor I had a slide : getting going onstage was all rushed, good backline all provided. when you are gigging more often, you don't make these kind of little mistakes. It was fine, though, set was well received, bunch of the new LP in the set.

Jazzmaster & Starfire

French date are firming up for October - could be a great week!!

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