Tuesday 28 August 2012

Rock Solid

A really good rehearsal, going through LOADS of tunes from the Long List for France. It was really refreshing to play some tunes that we don't know so well. All went pretty successfully, and we covered a huge range, including Where Are You (first single).

At the weekend I booked and paid for the tour travel. Michael presented with a brown envelope (on the amp in the photo) - I felt like Brian Clough!! 

Tonight's Tunes : 

Burden Of The Debt
Coming From The Hills
Defying Science
Fertile Mind
Fire & Clay
Follow Her Down
My Dying Embers
One Sweet Drink
Someone To Love
Where Are You
Where The Bones Are Buried
See That Skin
Lucky I'm Living
China Pig
Long Screaming Slide
Sinister Purpose (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)

Now - Tempranillo, olives, and Sun Ra Solo Piano. A very good day

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