Wednesday 5 September 2012


Poster for first confirmed gig of the tour in - Dolmayrac

Outline now is : 

Lorient - Le Galion le 14 octobre
Rennes - La Paillotte le 15 octobre
Paris - Les Combustibles le 17 octobre
Pau - Le Show Case le 18 octobre
Dolmayrac - Le Rad le 19 octobre
Toulouse tbc le 20 octobre

But that could change! 

Good rehearsal tonight - we worked through the core of the set for France and a handful of others 

While getting a coffee in the rehearsal room, a chap in rehearsing noticed John's Primevals T-shirt and asked me "Are you the actual Primevals?" - he told me he was a regular at gigs in the 80s and he and some old pals had been chatting about us last week at a get-together. Always nice to meet people who remember you! 

Tonight's playlist : 

it dont feel free
stream of life
blues at my door
american road trip
looking so clean
fire and clay
where the bones are buried
follow her down
rightful duty
fertile mind
hit the peaks
primeval call
way beyond tore up
high risk times
time has come today

see that skin
burden of the debt
china pig

Still some edges to be finessed but pretty good overall. 

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  1. Even my neighbour brings up the Primevals Peels session every so often as being one of his all time favourites. So there you go!