Wednesday 12 September 2012

Nobody's City

We ran through about 6 different arrangements for Nobody's City - from a country waltz to a straight rocker to a Creedence vibe ... great fun. 

Still a possibility of something when The Sonics are up in Edinburgh. 

French gigs firming up - looks like Le Dynamo in Toulouse is a go for the Friday we are there, but not 100% yet. Also looks like we might end up with a day in Paris without a gig. QUELLE DOMAGE!! 

Not long until we head off on the train to Paris - can't wait. Good vibe in the room tonight, even though our stalwart bassist was unwell and couldn't make it. Always fun to try different way of playing a new song. 

 Now - Co-op Sicilian Red and John Coltrane Live At The Village Vanguard 61. Bliss. 

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