Wednesday 26 September 2012

Nearly There

A good hard-working rehearsal, which leaves us 2 more before we go to France. We slowed a couple of tunes down a little - they had been tending to gallop away. Shaped a couple of other arrangements.

We got confirmation that what would have been a day off in Paris is now a gig in Lille. So the dates are now:

Lorient - Le Galion le 14 octobre

Rennes - La Paillotte le 15 octobre

Lille - L'Imposture le 16 Octobre

Paris - Les Combustibles le 17 octobre

Pau - Le Show Case le 18 octobre

Dolmayrac - Le Rad le 19 octobre

Toulouse - le Saint des Seins le 20 octobre

Beast Records have the LP on sale now, and we are organising tour t-shirts. We will have CDs shortly before we leave. If anyone is interested in one, please let me know. LP £10 plus £3 postage.

Beast Site : This has a link to play Rightful Duty

Tonight : 

  1. Predeliction For The Blues
  2. Looking So Clean
  3. Fire & Clay
  4. Where The Bones Are Buried
  5. Follow Her Down
  6. Rightful Duty
  7. Way Beyond Tore Up
  8. High Risk Times
  9. Time Has Come Today
  10. Someone To Love
  11. One Sweet Drink
  12. Undertow
  13. Saint Jack
  14. Elixir Of Life
  15. Prairie Chain
  16. Sister
  17. Defying Science
  18. Heavy War
  19. Lowdown
  20. China Pig
  21. Toxic
  22. Long Screaming Slide

The others on the list (which didn't need a run through tonight)

  1. It Don't Feel Free
  2. Stream Of Life
  3. Blues At My Door
  4. American Road Trip
  5. Spiritual
  6. Justify
  7. Fertile Mind
  8. Hit The Peaks
  9. Primeval Call
And the ones that are still around the fringes

  1. DT Blues
  2. See That Skin
  3. Sinister Purpose
  4. The Band That Time Forgot
  5. Coming From The Hills
  6. Venus Discovered
  7. Nobody's City

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