Saturday 27 August 2011

King Tut's

Tut's is a really good venue, they look after bands well, with good food, cold beer and soft drinks, coffee - exactly how it should be.

We had a great time : good crowd, two good support bands - The Brutes and The Reverse Cowgirls - and two encores.

It was extremely hot onstage, the guitars were all drifting a bit in terms of tuning, but we all played well and the crowd had a great time too.

This was the setlist :

and we had a fan who had been at a gig we played in Ayr in 86, which was my last of that era with the band. That night we walked off about 4 songs in when it all turned nasty : there was some inter-gang rivalry that was brewing up to a rammy, glasses were flying around. One hit the wall behind me. Then one smashed on the monitor and I thought "They're getting the range - I'm outta here". He was gutted because he had been looking forward to the gig for ages. But he finally got to see us again 25 years on. We all signed his t-shirt. 

A really good night, great to play a hometown gig like that again. Next up, some recording

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