Monday 22 August 2011

sic transit gloria mundi

My elder daughter is 13. A few days ago, two of her friends came to visit. After chattering away in her room, they emerged, giggling. One of them asked me "Are you famous, in a band?". I pled guilty to the second charge, and so we had a wee chat about me going back on tour with The Primevals, touring France in a van, which they found pleasantly amusing.

We also had a chat about The Beat Poets, about how we had been going for 25 years and had recently played at Glasgow Jazz Festival.

Naturally, my daughter was mortified at all of this, even more so when her friends insisted on going on youtube to find footage both of The Beat Poets :

and of The Primevals

In music class today, one of her friends asked the music teacher "Sir, have you ever heard of The Primevals?". The teacher looked at the girl who had asked the question then stared at my girl and said "You're Tom Rafferty's daughter! ". He was very complimentary about the band, and told the class that if he had been able to organise the trip, he and his wife would have gone to France to see the Primevals earlier this year.

It's a small world, isn't it?

One of her friends then said "He's in The Beatles, too".

I'm not, but I found that quite amusing.

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  1. Gloria Mundi has been on tour and is sick of the Transit?