Friday 19 August 2011


We might be doing some new songs at Tuts. It depends on how they go in rehearsal, but there are 5 candidates. I've managed to make an hour most nights this week to play a bit and get my head around them, try to find different ways to play them and work them round. Some people call this "practising". I have always thought of it as "playing". Its fun!

Practising makes me think of dull piano lessons, mechanical scales, enforcing muscle memory with no joy, no swing, no life. I've had a great time tinkering with the chords, the voicings of the chords, playing a lot, hardly playing at all, so that when we play them as a band I've got a bunch of ideas depending on what else the rest of the band are doing.

Rehearsal on Wednesday night - parking will be a nightmare as George Sq and area is given over to Brad Pitt's filming. Then King Tut's, which is always a good gig. Looks like a fair turnout for the gig, too, including quite a few friends I've not seen for too long. Which made me think of this - Tribal Gathering.

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