Wednesday 28 November 2012

Home Movies

I have made some youtube videos for some tracks from Heavy War.

Predeliction For The Blues :


Way Beyond Tore Up

High Risk Times

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Some reviews coming in

Some reviews of Heavy War now online :

The Herald - Glasgow's longest-serving suppliers of quality garage rock

Blabber n Smoke - Howling from the gate with the energetic Way Beyond Tore Up

Let's Rock It Or Say Why - I've never been unconditional Scots despite ingenuity deployed by well-intentioned minds to indoctrinate me. (This is en francais - I can kind of translate it but if anyone reading this speaks French well enough to provide a translation, I'd be delighted. He likes it, anyway!)

Sunday 4 November 2012

Home is the sailor, Home from the sea

I've been back a wee while now - adjusted back again to home life.

The whole tour was a joy, from first to last. Many special moments where the music really lifted off, many great times meeting friends and fans, and also lots of hilarity as we travelled. From sharing a bottle of wine as we set out on the Eurostar to sharing a jug of Amstel at Bristol Airport we looked out for each other, enjoyed each other's company, and represented fully. 

At the very end of the last gig in Toulouse, Michael put one sweaty arm round me then corralled the rest of the band into a hug as we bashed out the last chords of Sister. I do hope someone got that photo.

We haven't made much money - but we pretty much covered our costs. That is as good as it gets, at this level.  

There are a couple of things we will look at for next time 
1) better detailed planning of exact location of every venue - we did well, but we could do better
2) we stayed with friends / promoters every night. It might be worth looking at a hotel or two next time. 
3) we need to make a bigger noise about having a vegetarian and pescetarian in the band - people who do not eat meat are unusual in France. (everyone did their best to help once we made things clear)

We couldn't have done the tour without the support of our friends in France, in particular  Bernard who set up a lot of the tour and drove - his brother  Christian & his wife Fabienne, Jes, Thierry, Manu, all of The True Faith, all of The Dick Tracy Lords, The Jerry Spider Gang ;the promoters and bar-owners - JB, Malik, Eric, Lo from JSG, Pif & Frank and all at Le Rad. It is an honour and a privilege to take our music to a country where people really get us. 

2 Scottish gigs set up - The Parlour, Leith on Sat Nov 10th, and Cumbernauld Sat 8th Dec. 

I hope we'll have a Glasgow show confirmed soon - most likely date is Dec 28th.