Thursday 12 March 2020

sad news

We realised earlier this week that the gigs in France were unlikely to be feasible. All the shizzle going on with schools and colleges closing, events of more than 100 people being banned,  restricted travel, the bonkers increase in cases in France .....

And there is also the strong likelihood of us getting there, doing some gigs, having a great time with a small gang, then ending up at Bergerac to fly home to find "CLOSED", Ferries off, too. So we end up with a few extra weeks in France, waiting for the RAF to fly us back to Catterick, for 2 weeks lockup.

So, with great sadness, we had to pull the plug. If we are spared, and if we can still travel, we will be back some time in 2020.

I am licking my wounds, drinking Calvados, and listening to some rock and roll fundamentals - Electric Ladyland, the first Stooges album, the Kinks Face to Face, T Rex Electric Warrior ....

We will be back.

Nous allons retourner ou nous appartienons.

Nous sommes Les Primevaux

Much love to our dear friends in France who have worked so hard to organise the dates for us, and also to all our friends over there, old and new, the people who drag themselves out on a Tuesday night to see a band. I hope that the sun shines for you soon.