Thursday 30 October 2014

To Montaigu de Quercy!

‎We had great fun playing in Montpellier despite a few hiccups onstage - spilt beer, an amp that needs a check and a tone know falling off my guitar (now recovered and fixed) 

Quite a good drive in glorious weather. Tonight will give us the chance to meet up with our old friends Jacques and Pif. We had a riotous time playing at their venue Le Rad 3 years ago.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Fab range of pastis here in Montpellier. Good drive down, lovely venue. Tout va bien!

Rocking in Pau

‎The Clanks supported us, direct and honest punky rock and roll. Our friend Christian plays bass. We had a blast, sold some LPS, and went to a great pub afterwards - number 5, run by a Scottish ex-pat. Now on the road to Montpellier - the Pyrenees look like a painted backdrop 

Sent by magic

Tuesday 28 October 2014

A bit of a sketch

We had a great time playing at Le Galeon In Lorient. Lovely people, good sound. We stayed with the irrepressible JB, who runs the bar. Early start in the morning, out of his flat at 8:30, packed up and on the road in an hour. 

We took our time on the road, mostly staying at 110km/h - fuel conservation ‎can bring big savings over 4000 km. We got to Pau at half past 8. And the journey included some wild Satnav misdirection.  The roads that it has details on have been replaced by newer builds, so we had 20 minutes of being told to turn into toads that were not there. Our friends had been delayed on the road, so we couldn't get in to the house. We went for a pizza, then bought some beer, water and wine to sit in the van and have a blether. This kind of event, where carefully planned events go away, is identified by the Primevals as "a bit of a sketch". We were mostly all asleep when they arrived at 01:30. Hugs, shower, bed. 

Glorious sunshine here, I'm sitting in the garden barefoot enjoying the fresh air

Sunday 26 October 2014


‎Tiny gig at Le P'tit Bar. Lovely food beforehand, wild crowd, including a guy who had seen the band in 86 with The Cramps and asked us to play St Jack. So we did. 

Tiny PA, so we are a bit hoarse today
 Nice hotel. Tout va bien. 

Rouen is a glorious city - it would be worth another visit. 

Saturday 25 October 2014


The gig in Paris went very well. Lots of friends there, including this lady who last saw the Primevals in January 85 at the QM in Glasgow, our last Scottish show before we went to France for the first time.

La Java is a wonderful venue.

Thursday 23 October 2014

In Paris

The flight went very smoothly, and our friend Bernard picked us up in the tour van. We spent a few hours rooting through his guitar collection and choosing five of them to take on the road with us. 

We had a great lunch in a local boite, no name outside, very local. The waitress spoke French at a bebop velocity - I got about one word in four. 

We now have the CDS and the LPS will be here tomorrow. We were delighted to get the first order for an LP by email when we were waiting for our bags at Charles de Gaulle.  

Picture is the Winners' Enclosure - the guitars we picked to take on the road

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Nearly There!

Flight tickets printed out, all checked in, last rehearsal tonight, fly out Thursday. Can't wait to be back in France. 

Tuesday 14 October 2014

French Dates

Delighted to get the updated list of French gigs through

Primevals French Dates-
Vendredi 24 Octobre La Java - Paris
Samedi 25 Octobre Le Saloon - Fougères
Dimanche 26 Octobre Le Gallion - Lorient
Lundi 27 Octobre Le Dispensary - Toulouse
Mardi 28 Octobre Le Café du Parc - Pau
Mercredi 29 Octobre Le Black-Out - Montpellier
Jeudi 30 Octobre L'Enclos - Montaigu de Quercy
Vendredi 31 Octobre Le Thunderbird Lounge - Saint Etienne
Samedi 1er Nov L'Imposture - Lille