Sunday 22 December 2013

Jetting off to another planet

We played our regular festive gig in Glasgow on Friday night, with support from our friends The Brutes and Los Tentakils. Rocking fun, as always, and a gathering of the clans.

After 30 years in the Primevals, John Honeyman has decided it is time to jet off to another planet. He is a dear friend, and a great musician. He has also been a stalwart of The Beat Poets over the last 20 years, first stepping in to help when our then-bassist was taken ill on the day of a gig.

John is great at coming up with questions that lead to hours of conversation- like "Who do you think was a better band - Alice Cooper or The Stooges?". 30 years, never a cross word, just hilarity.

Here's a video from the crowd of the last song, with Shug from The Reverse Cowgirls, and Grant and Celina from Los Tentakills

Louie Louie (click on the link for facebook-hosted video)