Monday 29 September 2014


When we get back from France, we have a couple of gigs lined up in Scotland to launch the album.

Glasgow - Broadcast, Sauchiehall St, Friday 7th November (support from The Reverse Cowgirls and the Pharisees)

Edinburgh - Citrus Club, Grindlay St, Saturday 8th November (support to be announced)

Thursday 25 September 2014

A good shift

We rehearsed without Michael, our singer, tonight. (He's in Bordeaux, lucky fellow).

We needed to do some speed drills, and hone a few intros and ends - so we worked through 41 songs, focusing on how we start them, any tricky changes or aspects of arrangement, and reminding ourselves of what the cues are. We put in a good shift. We also re-sequence the draft set - 21 songs plus another 8 or so that are on the bench.

Volume levels were good tonight, ears not ringing now. So I can enjoy a blast of Charles Mingus with my glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

4 rehearsals to go - next few will be proper work, lined up as for a gig, bumping in to each other and blasting through the set, bumpless changeovers.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Lille Poster

We are finishing the tour in Lille on Saturday 1st November. We played there last time, and had a great night. Manu, who owns the bar, put us up after the gig at his flat, and his wife sat and chatted with us for a bit. Her Mum was Scottish, so she loved hearing our accents.

One big difference about playing in France as opposed to in the UK is that the people who run the bars that you play in are welcoming in France, glad to see you. offering beer or coffee, happy to feed you good local food. Not always the case at home.

Here is Mr John Honeyman, in fine touring mode, settling in at the bar of L'Imposture last time :

and here is the gig poster for this time:

Thursday 11 September 2014

Back in the Woodshed, again

A rocking rehearsal. I simplified my signal chain to the bare minimum - a tuner and a Boo Vibrato pedal. Maximum shimmer.

Signal Chain - Tuner, Boo Vibrato

Peavey Classic 20 - a rocking humdinger

We got through 15 tunes - I think we now have about 40 on the slate.

Tonight's tunes -
I've Never Seen You Looking So Clean
Where The Bones Are Buried
One Sweet Drink
See That Skin
Burden Of The Debt
Fertile Mind
In A Violent Way
Hipster Beware
It Don't Feel Free
Pink Cloud
Prairie Chain
You're Not Here Now

6 rehearsals to go !!

Monday 1 September 2014

St. Etienne

We've got the first gig poster in - St Etienne on October 31. 

Excitement starting to build, now!