Wednesday 28 December 2011

Mono Photos

A couple of photos from the Mono gig (click on photo for bigger version)

Friday 23 December 2011

A great night out

The gig went very well. Sleepy Eyes Nelson started with a set of acoustic blues. Then James King & The Lonewolves - they borrowed our bassist & drummer, Paul & John. Great to see Jimmy & Jake back onstage together. They played I Don't Care If You Live Or Die, Happy Home, and Fun Patrol. Paul & John did a great job - no rehearsals. 

James King & The Lonewolves

Then The Reverse Cowgirls played a storming set, including Jack On Fire and Sex Beat

The Primevals set was Preachin' The Blues, Ghost On The Highway, Mother of Earth (with Tam on lap steel), The Fire Of Love, A House Is Not A Home, Death Party. Michael jumped off the stage onto the table you can see in the photos during Ghost On The Highway.

We did an encore - we played Prairie Chain, which was written by Malcolm McDonald. Michael prefaced it with an explanation of Robbie's death, of Malcolm's great contribution to the Primevals down the years, then we tore it up. A righteous act.

Many old friends were there, including Rhod Burnett who remembered me buying the bootlace tie in the photo above in Chelsea in 84. 

This was a great way to end the year, a tribal gathering. 

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Words - what are words worth ?

We got some dreadful news last week. Malcolm McDonald played bass in the first lineup of the Primevals, and returned to play guitar for much of the band's time. He left at the tail end of last year. His son, Robbie, was killed in a hit & run accident on Monday night,while cycling. Robbie was a lovely young man, only 22. My heart goes out to Malcolm and all his family. The funeral is on Thursday. We'll be there. I haven't spoken to Malc in a while, the way that you don't always talk to some of your oldest and dearest friends because you know you'll always be able to pick up again where you left off. Yeah, that.

It's the kind of news that makes you go and hug your children, even if they are asleep.

The rehearsal tonight was subdued. We did our best - we've got a gig on Friday playing Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce songs at a charity show to raise money for the homeless.

We grew up on these songs, that vibe. We supported the Gun Club at Strathclyde Uni in 84 - the photo of our first album was taken backstage at that gig.

I was 22 in that photo. I still have that bootlace tie. I'll be wearing it on Friday.

Beckett - I can't go on. I'll go on.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Seven. That's not bad at all.

A good, productive day at FM, just by Ravenscraig. We recorded 7 songs in 8 hours.

We were fuelled by the One True Source for Jock & Roll - Tunnocks.

I took 3 guitars along - 2 Moons and a DeArmond

I used the DeArmond for most of the rhythm, the Moon Tele for "Comin' From The Hills", and Big Black (the other Moon) for all the lead and slide. 

We recorded -
  • Way Beyond Tore Up
  • Comin' From The Hills
  • Rightful Duty
  • Undertow
  • Keep Comin' Back
  • In A Violent Way
  • Hit The Peaks

We were still doing a bit of shaping the songs as we went - but it is very useful to listen back properly to something because when you are in the middle of playing it, you aren't the best judge of whether or not it works. 

As always, plenty laughs and daftness as we went through. 

I can't make tomorrow's recording - they'll be finishing the vocals, adding keyboards, percussion, and Martin's overdubs. 

We got one of the photos that John took at the last rehearsal - here's a photo of the glossy photo