Wednesday 29 November 2017

Back, back BACK ON The ROAD

Suitcases full of merch and polka dot shirts, we are ready to head back to France. The plan for today is to drive to Edinburgh, fly to Paris, get collected by Bernard then go to check out the gear for the tour. Probably restring the guitars.

And then dinner with our friends and off to see The Fleshtones at Le Petit Bain.

It's a wonderful life!!

Monday 6 November 2017

Madrid! Primevals!!! NOMADS!!!!

Our dear friend Lindsay Hutton, OG punk rocker, founder of Next Big Thing and The Legion Of The Cramped, and all round darlin' man held a fantastic party this weekend in Madrid for his birthday.

Michael and I got the chance to jump up with the Nomads, OG Garage Rockers and lovely blokes.