Thursday 30 April 2020


I hope everyone is surviving lockdown OK - staying safe and staying sane.

I've been keeping myself busy with writing and recording new tunes. The first set flowed pretty quickly, and I decided it would be in keeping with the spirit of the times to put them up on Bandcamp for "Pay What You Like". I've had some very positive responses, and some people have been kind enough to pay for them - thank you, friends!

Each one so far has been written, recorded and mixed over 2 weeks,

Volume 1 is a mix of faster and slower tunes, different moods as seemed to fit when I was recording.

Volume 2 was written partly in response to several friends' suggestion that they would be interesting in hearing a collection of the more reflective pieces, separated from the surf / garage / noisier ones.

Volume 3 has more of a mix of moods, including some Morricone-ish tunes with some theremin.

They are all available on bandcamp, pay what you like, or download for free.

I hope they bring some joy in these difficult times.

Bandcamp Link (for everything)