Tuesday 28 October 2014

A bit of a sketch

We had a great time playing at Le Galeon In Lorient. Lovely people, good sound. We stayed with the irrepressible JB, who runs the bar. Early start in the morning, out of his flat at 8:30, packed up and on the road in an hour. 

We took our time on the road, mostly staying at 110km/h - fuel conservation ‎can bring big savings over 4000 km. We got to Pau at half past 8. And the journey included some wild Satnav misdirection.  The roads that it has details on have been replaced by newer builds, so we had 20 minutes of being told to turn into toads that were not there. Our friends had been delayed on the road, so we couldn't get in to the house. We went for a pizza, then bought some beer, water and wine to sit in the van and have a blether. This kind of event, where carefully planned events go away, is identified by the Primevals as "a bit of a sketch". We were mostly all asleep when they arrived at 01:30. Hugs, shower, bed. 

Glorious sunshine here, I'm sitting in the garden barefoot enjoying the fresh air

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