Tuesday 15 November 2011

Too much guitar ?

How do you make room for 3 guitars ? 

Well. Maybe one of you can stop playing so much ? How about one stops entirely ? 

Good. How little can you play and still have it rocking along ? Ooh, bring it back up a little more. 

We cracked through a bunch of tunes tonight. 

Undertow (first Rooney-Rafferty composition since 1983!), John's Bass Riff thing which will grow into a monster. Way Beyond Tore Up. Rightful Duty. Freewheelin' Frank - a much faster version than how we were playing it live, more stripped down. 

Lots of work tonight on pacing tunes, especially Undertow, and on arranging guitar parts so that we (a) provide both rock AND roll (b) leave space for the vocal and (c) leave room to crank it up a notch. 

 A positive, collaborative night - it isn't every band where every guitarist will happily take direction from the drummer, and he bassist, and the singer, and the other guitarists. 

 Now a fab Berberana - Reserva 2006, Etiqueta Negra and some mature Welsh Cheddar, with a soundtrack of some very gentle hissing in my ears. I stood too close to the drumkit. I'll never learn. 

 Gigs coming up - Mono, Glasgow, Fri 23rd Dec. Charity gig for the homeless. This is most likely a Gun Club tribute night. We loved those guys, supported them in late 84 and they were magnificent. Kid Congo is still fantastic too. We went to see Kid Congo's Pink Monkey Birds a couple of years ago in Glasgow - as uplifting a gig as you'll see in many a long year. joyful rock & roll, with tributes paid to 2 rock & roll titans that he worked with - Lux Interior & Jeffrey Lee Pierce. After the show, we went to say hi to Kid - me, Michael (singer) & Rhod Burnett (original Primevals drummer). Kid looked at us and said "I know you guys - you played with us in Glasgow, a long time ago, didn't you ?" which was pretty amazing. 

 At that gig, we had been invited up to the Gun Club's dressing room after our set. Jeffrey Lee was trying to offload the bottle of Jack Daniels & the bottle of Smirnoff that were part of their rider - he was pouring huge amounts of it into any glass we offered him, saying "Jesus, if you guys don't drink it my guitarist will!". Kid has been through it all, and is now many years sober. 

We have been approached to play in Barlinnie, too. [it's the HM Prison in Glasgow]. That may be the Jock & Roll gig to end all Jock & Roll gigs. We'd be honoured to play there. 

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