Friday 5 July 2019

It's been a while

Hello, for anyone still out there. I kind of lost touch with the need for this blog - I've been back in the Primevals for years now, and wasn't sure if there was anything else I had left to say about it.

Yet here I am.

As well as Primeval-ing, I have still been rocking along with the Beat Poets, and, as ever, home recording. This has led to a CD !! (Yes, an actual physical CD). It is also available electronically for those who prefer their music that way.

Available on Bandcamp - BANDCAMP LINK and also if you would like a CD, available in Glasgow at Love Music and at Monorail, or by post for anyone from further away SALES EMAIL LINK for £6 plus postage

Some kind words from Joe Whyte here JOE WHYTE DTK and from Paul Kerr here BLABBER AND SMOKE

keep on rocking in the free world!


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