Wednesday 3 July 2024

It's been a while

 I haven't updated for a while - still rocking away, still doing home recording too. 

The Primevals had a run of gigs recently - Edinburgh one week, then Preston, Northampton and London the next. 

I posted this elsewhere and thought it was worth sharing here : 

Photo by Nick West from The Lexington, 1 July 2024

I have just unpacked the van and put the gear away after four hilarious, joyful days away with the Primevals. All three gigs went very well, the hotels were all good, the travel was all smooth, and there was a lot of laughter as well as some high octane rock and roll.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the gigs, to the staff at the venues (The Ferret in Preston, The Black Prince in Northampton and The Lexington in London) who looked after us all so well.
As ever, many moments of daftness as well as ones of real connection.
In Preston, the bar staff were dancing, which is always a good sign. In Northampton, when we took it down during Prairie Chain, the fans dancing at the front dropped low and danced down low until we kicked it back up again. In London, the staff at the venue were dancing down at the front, as Stewart Lee, who introduced us with some very kind words, and also with the observation that he realised the easiest way to fit seeing the Primevals in to his busy schedule was to invite us to play and make himself the support act, so he didn't have a clashing gig, as had happened many times.
In London, I was driving the van, on my own, from dropping the gear and the band at the venue, off to the parking space we had booked. You can no longer just park a van in London. The Satnav took me on a route which required me to turn right on to the heavily congested Pentonville Road. After 5 minutes of watching traffic, waiting, I was thinking "I might be here some time". Then, a kind lady stopped to let me out, and waved to indicate that the lane I was going to turn in to was clear. I waved to say thanks, and then once I was crossing over, blew her a kiss. Fortunately, she smiled.
Michael and I were doing the merch after the gig at the Lexington, and Stewart Lee was one of the customers. I was delighted to share with him that Michael and I got to know each other at his stall, Primitive Records in Candleriggs in 1982, where I bought records and eventually worked - and here we are, 42 years on, still selling records together, and he's part of that connection now.
We are blessed to still be able to get out on the road, to kick out the jams, to make new friends and also catch up with some friends from our very earliest days as a band. It's a wonderful life.
Next up - Stereo, Glasgow, Thursday 11 July, supporting The Gories.

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