Monday 11 April 2011

UK leg of the tour finished

The London gig was very well organized - excellent stage, great PA, really good lights, good onstage sound. We played well and went down well. A bunch of friends came along - Word blog entry from Drakeygirl here
It was great to play in London again, and great that so many old friends and some old fans came to see us. We were chatting to the other bands on the bill - a range of styles, all good people.

After the gig, we went back to our friend Ricky's in Hammersmith. We had a lovely blether along with The Trashman, another old friend & early supporter. We stayed with The Trashman in London in 85 in his flat in Baker St. Ricky had laid on Pakora & Red Stripe. He knows what we like.

In the morning he cooked a great breakfast - fritata, vegetarian sausages, mushrooms, beans, and a great tomato/spinach/cheese dish with chilli. We finished the stay with 8 of us sharing a bottle of pink Freixete before heading off to Brighton.

Brighton was scorching hot. The gig wasn't as busy as we had hoped, but 2 more friends from the Word Massive came along. David took some photos, and it turns out that Gary knows lots of our friends from Glasgow, including David Belcher (who came on tour with the band the first time we went to France in 1985) & Gavin Mitchell (who as well as being a friend of the band had introduced us onstage at a gig in Glasgow). It's a small world.

We changed the set around quite a bit to run through a fee more that weren't in the London set - Heya, Defying Science, Fertile Mind and a storming run through Hit The Peaks. By 1am we were in the hotel in Ashford - the shower was a joy.

No gig today. That's an odd feeling. We'll travel to Dover, then stay in Calais overnight. Gig on Tuesday in Rennes.


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