Saturday 16 April 2011

Update from Chez Paulette

It was 23 years ago today that the Primevals last played Chez Paulette, and a little over 26 years since I played there in the band as part of our first European foray. it's a great venue, good stage, good lights, great PA, good staff & lovely food. When we had set up the gear and said hi to the owner, he said "welcome home".

The Primevsls are one of the tour posters on the wall along with Alex Chilton, Tav Falco, Wilko Johnson and The Fleshtones. The owners were very pleased to have us back and we had a great time, chatting and reminiscing. They have been running the venue since 1969. Everyone comes back eventually - Wilko Johnson is due over soon, and there's a pub rock package in September with Eddie & The Hot Rods and Dr Feelgood. We played quite a long set, and had an absolute blast. It wasn't the biggest crowd but as is always the case in France, there were some people there who totally connected with the music. We signed some CDs and albums that fans had brought along.

There was some delicious cheese and bread after the show - we got back to the hotel at 2am and assembled at the van at 7am for the drive to Nimes.

Listening to Television - Live at The Old Waldorf as we roll through France.

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